iDeas about the Past

20/20 hindsight is not always that easy

History, just to be clear here, for us at Groovy Guru, is anything that happened a few seconds ago all the way back to when we were all just a bunch of organisms slithering around in a slime pool under a rock in what is now Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Any light, in the form of artfully worded posts, that can be shed on the events that humans experienced from then to now is what we want to read.

Unzip the Past

Unzip the Past When I am somewhere that I lived once, I sit still and think back on past experiences there.  The air around me starts […]
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San Pedro California 1972

The place that holds the fondest memories for me, the marina that I lived at in San Pedro, California, from 1972 to 1975, has been […]
Apr 14, 2014 / Add Comment

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday afternoons my wife practices her cello and I usually take a walk to my favorite downtown coffee shop to write. We live in […]
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Stuffed With Stuff

I spent some time in a four story antique mall today. The place was stuffed with stuff. Stuff to hang on the wall, to place […]
Mar 30, 2014 / Add Comment

Places Farther Away

Places farther away seem farther in the past, even if they are not. My son Blake and I were talking about some times we had […]
Mar 5, 2014 / Add Comment

Forgiving the Past

It’s easy to forgive and forget the acts of some people from our past. I find it easiest to forgive my childhood peers. I hope […]
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Reaching Back

Reaching back into the past fulfills a need to connect with the history that makes us who we are as we move forward into the […]
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Old Violin With a Past

I bought my wife an old violin, a really old violin. It was handmade in 1779 by a Richard Duke. At one time it was […]
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Reprogramming the Past

I would like to go back in time and tell myself things I wish I had known. It’s not possible, but it would be nice, […]
Dec 19, 2013 / Add Comment

Silently Rooting

I think if I could step back into the past and watch the people I knew then, those who were not family members, interact with […]
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