iDeas about the Future

Thre's plenty of time to think on it

Global warming, the zombie apocalypse, and plain old dull, rehashed, overdone doom and gloom aside, your thoughts about the future, including anything revolving around Star Trek, will do for this topic.  The Star Trek angle always works for us, but that's just because we are Trekkies here at Groovy Guru.  And we are not just old fashioned Tekkies, although we admit Captain Kirk was really groovy. We admire the all the generations that overcame all the stuff we in the present thought was going to happen.  They even did things we didn't know would come up, like kicking the Klingon's butts.  But you can expand from the whole Trekkie thing and hit on other concepts if you like.

Change the World

One person can change the world for good.  One person can start a conversation that, when it goes “viral,” becomes the mantra that is followed.  […]
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I Trust

Our guide in meditation tonight had us focus on trust.  “Just repeat, I trust,” she asked of us.  So I repeated that.  I fell into […]
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Dolphins, Whales, and Society

I read an article recently titled, "Whales and Dolphins form Human-Like Societies," on   The question was posed on FaceBook, from a good friend, if […]
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My Groovy Hope for the Future

My hope is that, sometime in the not too distant future, citizens of oppressed third world countries will rise up and take over their resources, […]
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No Capital

I think worldwide economic structure is going to have to adapt to technology that replaces human labor. And it is going to have to begin […]
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Shape the future right.

We all contribute to an opinion of our present through posts, journal entries, editorials, essays, and a host of other writings.  Our contributions will be […]
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Account for the Present

The future will only improve when those living in the present accept the factual historical events that preceded their present. In order for that to […]
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Uber Experiment

My thoughts about how this whole Uber ride share thing is playing out. It’s happening in the present, right now: Uber is considered a study […]
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Leaving Something

I think we are wired with the desire to leave something behind that will last for lifetimes after us. That is why people build things […]
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Optimism of the Heart

I think the ideal of a better future for mankind, one that is void of corruption, greed, discrimination, and cruelty, is in the hearts and […]
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Hey yo bitch

A client of mine had a keen observation to share one night as we drove up Hollywood Boulevard. First we both saw a woman in […]
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Middle Class Velocity

It would seem that beneficial to all would be for the greater balance of wealth and resources to be in the hands of the majority […]
Jun 30, 2014 / Add Comment

Just in Time People

I can see a time when people become so reliant on their technology that they lose the ability to think. There will still be innovators […]
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Life's Chain

We cannot be certain of what is in store for each of us in the future. We can build a life for ourselves, but we […]
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