iDeas about Death

We all hope to have plenty of time to think on it

So do we all end up hanging out on a cloud singing praises to Jesus for eternity?  Or do we reincarnate into bugs, monkeys, or giraffes?  We here at Groovy Guru like to think that the human race is in a constant state of progression. We are all part of a unit that is moving forward.  Everything we do affects the lives of others, and to be a loving race we should always be striving to do good things, so that our fellow humans have positive experiences and move to the next realm with those memories, and do good also, until at some point the human race can evolve into a highly moral, highly intelligent, all powerful and content family.  What do you think?


4/8/2018   I had a very interesting meditation this morning. I found myself at the marina I spent the best part of my childhood in, […]
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Fountain of Youth

The other day I caught myself fantasizing about finding the fountain of youth. I pictured my friends looking old and asking how I “stayed in […]
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People are Like, Whatever

I overheard some youthful college coeds talking about a student friend of theirs who had a visit to the ER. He had so much alcohol […]
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All Over the Place

A transient was run over by a train around the corner from where I live yesterday. Her body was kind of strewn out over the […]
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The Stage Was Set

I came across a pigeon crawling along the road as I drove under a freeway overpass the other day. I swerved to avoid it but […]
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Seems so Boring

I just took a walk downtown to my favorite coffee shop. Along the way I heard the fervent pleas of a concerned believer in Jesus […]
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Illustrates a Moment

This dream illustrates a moment when death is imminent but concerns at the moment are focused on property damage and financial reimbursement, along with the […]
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Candles, Teddy Bears, Angels

I drove through an intersection the other day where a small boy was killed by a motorist. Candles, teddy bears, angels and flowers were strewn […]
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Just Walk Away

I had a dream last night that I was killed in a car accident. I knew I was going to die, then it happened. I […]
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Make a Difference

The need to make a difference in the world magnifies for some people as they age. It certainly has for me. I wake up every […]
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Danced to Life

A man was stabbed to death across the street from the coffee shop that I do most of my writing last night. He was out […]
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People Who Fail

I think that people who fail, or who are in the process of failing, or are temporarily failing, or have decided to devote their lives […]
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God got a Bad Rap

When I was a member of an organized religion, I spent a lot of time thinking about my mortality. I worried, with many other men […]
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