iDeas about Belief

an ever evolving thing

The interesting thing about beliefs is that even when someone is a stalwart believer in one regiment of thought, a variation exists somewhere under the surface of the believer's initial testimony.  We want to hear your variation.  There must be something you have modified about the doctrine you subscribe to.

Groovy Guru Talks With God

“I’m not God, they just say I am.  I’m just a guy who reached infinite potential.”  We sat next to each other on a rock […]
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Chadwick's Jesus

"I'm not much of a Jesus guy," Chadwick, in a quiet whisper confided in me. He had polished off one of our finest and well […]
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We Sure Are Blessed

When a believer in God is blessed (by God) with something for free or drastically discounted by another in distress I question whether a “God” […]
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Honey Boo Boo Binge

One nice thing about being an atheist is that there is no entity to let me down. I don’t question why God lets little black […]
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This is my Bible

“This is my Bible. It is the word of God.” “I’m glad you are reading it,” I said to the man. He seemed to not […]
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I think the conversation about what to believe needs to be changed. It is not constructive to proselyte a system of belief that millions of […]
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Dear God

Dear God, I have never come across anyone who has been the recipient of the amount of criticism you have been. And I have never heard […]
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Wayfarers Chapel

It’s Sunday and I’m at Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes. The church is empty, but there are plenty of people outside, walking around, taking pictures, […]
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Human Nature is Amazing

I stopped studying religion when I stopped needing to study things I never have and don’t believe I ever will see. My young adult life […]
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Happy Holidays

I see a lot of snowmen painted on store windows these days. Reindeer too. And I see plenty of billboards and ads wishing everyone “Happy […]
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The Concept of Jesus

I don’t accept Jesus as my personal savior, so I’m not a Christian. But I love the concept of Jesus and what believing in him […]
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A Good Belief System

I’m not into denigrating people for their beliefs. I may not agree with their chosen philosophies, but I have to respect them as one human […]
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Developed Nations God

I believe in the superiority of the human race; that each individual is an eternal being of thought and personality moving through time and space […]
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Thirty Five Years

I spent thirty-five years of my life as a devout Mormon. I followed the doctrines and did all within my power to live up to […]
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