Groovy Guru's Thoughts in 2021

because I needed some place to keep track of at least some of them...

January 2021

I'm able to recognize opportunity and act fast without planning but not planning becomes my demise.

Never feel guilty for where you have come from or what you have accomplished.

Memories are easily manipulated.

You set the conditions.

What's the worst they can do, eat you?

Manage your losses and celebrate your gains.. I know I heard that somewhere before...

I was right this time, and know why, so I'll be right next time, and trust why.

The control is shifting to the crowd.

There is no establishment. There's just me and there's just you.

A cat came to visit. Her heart warms ours. We needed this. I think some form of life comes to you when some form of life senses that you need it around.

Is it possible to feel so much for so long that one no longer can?

Those we honor live forever in our hearts.

My friend wanted me to learn to write code to automate my life. I told him I want to be a human instead.

I miss people.

February 2021

Plan, commit, and execute. But commit to the plan!

Everything will break. Just hedge yourself for it.

The longer you can wait the better it can get.

Last night I dreamt one of my sons was being attacked by two bobcats. I stood between him and them. It's just tactics, I told myself. Stand fearless and fight. So I did.

Today I contributed to a friend's dream.

Groovy Guru was outwitted by Maxwell Smart, but Agent 99 should have had all the credit.

I see everything. I feel everything. Sometimes I just want to sit and forget.

I think, for the most part, people will forget how to deal with each other.

I see chain link fences everywhere I go.

I move those fences as I go. After all, they are just fences. When has one of those ever kept a man back?

The more aligned I am with momentum the more I prosper.

I think the nicest thing you can do for someone is to not expect them to live up to your expectations.

I have found that the number of people ready to do something nice for me is never-ending.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a large diner, eating with just a few people. I was sad that the place was so empty. I left, then went back an hour and a half later. I remember vividly that it was an hour and a half, exactly. The place was full of people, all eating and laughing and sharing ideas. Nothing bad lasts forever. Patience lets time play out, and as it does, people find their way.

I hope when people like me are dead that there will be people like me.

Nothing has to happen to effect a change. People just have to think that something might happen.

Choose to not react.

March 2021

Of this we can be assured, mass emotions are cyclical.

Don't just listen to what people tell you,, listen to the reasons they do what they do. Hear the whole story.

Do the OODA. Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. Then loop that, over and over.

Be sure to instill your story into the hearts of others before you sleep.

I found I can just be happy being where I am, regardless of where I am.

It is what you are in the moment that matters, and nothing else.

I'm okay with being seen, being known, and being or not being understood.

We live in the moments that we are fully aware.

Life occupies all space, always.

With age comes the wisdom to follow your convictions.

The choices we make are what make us.

I've learned to focus on adding to what I am focused on.

My tolerance for risk has improved in my later years. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Why do so many people accept so little?

We don't deserve anything. None of us do. We get what we take. We learn that from birth, when we take our first breath.

Age is no longer a gauge of wisdom.

Life starts anytime you want it to.

April 2021

The moment is what is most important. It is when my life is lived.

People want to feel life now. They all do. I'm with them in that.

Don't try to understand people. Love and hate, they all have it, and it is subjective.

When the obvious is obvious, well, just roll with it.

There are times in lie when life is just not working out. So I fix it and then it is.

It's easy to be an optimistic historian.

When people hold on to what they have they are easily bought.

Our value is in where our hearts are rather than what possessions surround them.

Convictions must often be re-evaluated.

Letting go can be enlightening, as long as it is done thoughtfully.

Chaos prompts more of the same... but a centered you can turn that chaos into a personal utopia.

What do I really want? The freedom to play to win.

May 2021

I trust my decisions. Even the ones made in emotion.

Keep your divine spark lit.

Sometimes the only thing left to do is to watch a good movie.

If you want to fly stay light. Stay hungry. Pigs just don't fly.

Our depth of kindness is the gauge of our humanity.

We are not the balance in our checking accounts.

All we have of value is what is in our hearts and in our minds.

Don't ever stand in my way, I know my character and I'll run you over.

My wife of 30 years and I built a Lego Bonsai Tree together last night. We just joined and focused on building one beautiful thing. Such a simple act.

The path to happiness is being happy while you are on it.

Set the conditions for what you can and the rest will have to wait for another day.

Nothing cleanses the soul like a hard day of work.

So why all the struggles?

We are not here to "hang in there," we are here to thrive.

Listen to yourself. Did I already type that? I don't care if I did, it's time to do it again.

The beauty of autosuggestion is that once you have programmed your mind to attain what you want in the physical space it corrects your conscious mind's course as needed.

I'd rather dig a ditch than meditate.

Hard work and the rewards that come with it cleanses the soul. Stupid socialists don't understand that. Smart socialists do. It's their biggest threat.

There is nothing I cherish more than what I earned.

June 2021

If you want to be, then do.

Twitter is coming out with an "undo button" paid subscription so that people who tweet out of emotion have one more chance to back off before they let go. Maybe a free course on controlling one's emotions would be more contributory to society.

What voice do you want society to hear? Or do you want anyone to hear anything at all?

Managing losses is a constant challenge. It's just part of doing what you love.

I choose to be who I am.

I choose how I feel about myself, regardless of the immediate influence.

A friend has cancer. He's not too sure of the future. Are any of us all that sure?

If you day trade in the market, ask yourself, "how long can I stay solvent while the market continues to be irrational?"

It's so noisy these days.

Anger only exasperates the issue at hand.

I have found that I have always been better off afterwards by figuring things out myself.

Just stick to what you think is right no matter what.

I'm not afraid to say I'm sorry.

But I really don't need to say I'm sorry.

The toughest thing to do is to wait it out.

We can change our entire outlook on life in a snap of the finger, if we want.

Success and failure are only a thought apart.

I don't have to know or understand why people do the things they do.

Sometimes people will tell you things to give you hope but you know they are not accepting reality, and that is okay because they are at least ;doing it because they care. The fact that they care is what is important.

A good friend taught me once that if someone is not happy with me, and tells me so, to just tell them to take a number and get in line.

I find when one dominant party pushes too far they end up with absolutely nothing.

Use scary references and the masses will kneel.

I believe in the individual's ability to adapt to circumstances while still holding onto his or her dream.

July 2021

There are times when the best thing to do is to listen to comedy.

I cannot accept a move toward distanced, shut in humanity. People need to be face to face. It's how we read each other.

I spent the weekend being around people. It was invigorating.

Men who care about their families more than they care about themselves do what they have to do.

Love what you do or get out.

Mood follows action.

Should the soul be regulated?

On a sunny day on a sailboat I asked my friends, "What is the best life?" We decided that the only thing we had control over is what we choose to do each day, so the best life was what each of us like to do with our time while we are awake.

There is no such thing as writers block if you just sit down and write, even if you don't care what it is about, it's just a matter of talking to yourself until stuff comes out that is half way interesting, then, maybe, and probably, something profound will come out, and then it will blossom, and then it will turn into a story about an evil entity turning people into chips and making computers with souls that eventually come to Jesus and bring good back to the earth. Something like that, at least. But it all develops because you let your fingers walk on the keyboard without any real thought. Just watch them walk and look at the screen and see what happens.

"Going with the flow" was a way for people on LSD, those who took it like candy while it was still legal, to get through their trip. All that has changed is the "trip."

September 2021

August was a blur, we moved from our place of nearly 7 years to a small place by the beach. Our lives are totally different.

Will the human race self destruct over guilt?

Can't we accept that utopia is a work in progress?

Nothing will ever be perfect. There is misery all over the world. The best thing we can do for humanity is make our little parcel of this planet as prosperous as we can, so that our posterity can have the time to go out and expand what we gave them.

Letting go can be the toughest thing to do but it is the only way to be free.

I like to send positive vibes out into cyberspace every day. And you know what? People actually write back and thank me.

I miss a lot less when I listen more often than I speak.

October 2021

Fear paralyzes. I experience it, but I let it go through me and on down the road.

People who steal your time need to pay for it.

I have developed a dislike for bullshit. People who bullshit me just waste my valuable time.

I don't believe it is ever too late to change anything I have done in the past. If I did believe it was too late, then it would all be over.

If I can't trust a person today they probably won't become trustworthy in the future.

Anyone who takes the time to attempt to manipulate you is not worth your time.

I am grateful for... this moment.

November 2021

I just like to sit and listen to the sounds of life. It helps me to connect with the moment, since every sound is happening now. And now is when life happens. Now is when the memories are made.

I don't want much. It's all too much to think about. I just want to be, simple, unburdened.

I am happy with what I have.

Artists share their hearts and souls and vision and love with the world and the world, well, it doesn't always award them. So why do it?