Groovy Guru Partners

Riding the wave of commerce carving new grooves into cool stuff

Groovy Guru Partners is an organic project to grow a non organic conglomerate of groovy products and services. We might come across some organic stuff as time goes by, though. Things we have done... Our music studio, The Musik Planet, was a bustling studio in RIverside from 2008 to 2020, helping nearly two hundred students a month find their sound. That's gone as a result of COVID-19. Times change, But there are other ventures, like my comedic love story book, "Running from the Taxman, a Great American Road Trip."
It's something I just had to write because the characters were rioting to get out of my head and onto paper. So I did. And then there is an occasional cartoon character. Take a look at And I should plug my art. Just go to "Buy Groovy Guru's Art" at the top of the website. So this is a diverse project, as you can see, with different names and everything, but all under one big groovy umbrella.