Sometimes to love the most we must not love too much. I believe we live a new life after this one. I believe we take our moral strength with us. I believe in soul contracts. I believe we hurt those we love if we are too smothering.  I believe we are all connected.  I believe in friendship.  Sometimes it is doing things with that person.  Sometimes it is more than that.  Sometimes it is just knowing that you are connected with that person, knowing there is something loving there that is beyond two people passing by each other.  But not a smothering love, not a relationship with an expectation of any kind, and not judgmental in any way. 

Someone asked me recently to consider what kind of “friendship” we should have. That’s not really the issue. I just wish to be “one” with that person. “One” in a sense that we are just beings that are connected in the purest way of just being.

I want to feel a warmth when we pass.  I want to feel a connection, a respect, a trust, a loving wish that goes both ways. 

I think humanity needs more of that.  We can’t all be “friends.”  But we can all love one another.  We can all generate warmth towards one another.  We can all be respectful.  And it is up to each of us to accept what that is and be grateful for it, expecting no more. 

Chris Plante

February 24, 2019