It’s Sunday and I’m at Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes. The church is empty, but there are plenty of people outside, walking around, taking pictures, and enjoying each other and the perfect weather. The structure is beautiful, a testimony of the creative genius that one man can imagine and that a team of craft persons can sculpt from wood and glass. No one here is worshiping the architect or the builders. And I don’t know about them, but I’m not giving any God the credit for this masterpiece. I give credit to the hardworking people who may have left this chapel here as a gift to their God or simply as a gift to people who believe in one.

In that sense, then, I’m glad there are people who believe in a God of some sort. I think it is important for the human race as a whole that all of mankind believe in something greater than themselves, and it is crucial that each individual has the freedom to choose what that belief will be. We all benefit from the inspiration that motivates individuals, and, sadly, we all share in the grief when the inspiration produces evil in the name of a God. The good and the bad are products of ultimate freedom. It’s what makes freedom so deliciously satisfying.