I had an experience with some people who are not very transparent yesterday.  They were interviewing me, in person, which is a big wow these days, but they were holding back information that was easy to find.  I suppose people who do that don’t value the resourcefulness of others much.  Or, they don’t have much of their own so they just don’t think about it.  I would bank on the former.  Most people are pretty damn smart these days.  And resourceful. And, unfortunately, prone to withhold or just plain lie for some reason that I never have the time spend digging into.

An unrealistic view of their place in humanity might be the reason.  They may not have what they want yet so they create an aura of what they are to fit what they want.  Or maybe it was something I said.  I know I was not perfect.  I could tell the moment I answered a few of those questions that I had just crashed.  But the thing that bothered me, and caused me to not want to proceed fully engaged, was the thing that I knew and was not volunteered.  They I asked a question that promised another withholding.

One became two and two became four.  It was okay, it was an experience, and God knows I need a few more of those these days.

Chris Plante

July 27, 2021