Everyone is entitled to my opinion.  I have my reasons for what I think.  So do you.  Everyone is entitled to your opinion, too.  It would be nice if people would just listen to each other and leave the references to being right at the door.  Well, at least it would be nice if you would leave being right at the door.  I’ll bring my superiority in with me.

And that is how it goes, and that is how the tension starts, and that is how feelings become tangible.  Then economies are destroyed and societies are turned on their heels.

I have sat down the past few days in a row to just “free write,” not knowing what the topic is going to be. The topic has been negative.  I think it is because that is the feeling I get, a feeling in the air, on the web, in the tone of others, and visual stimulation.  I’ve not had many negative experiences with people lately, but I feel something is not only not right, but very strained.

I wonder how this affects others.  If I feel it, then millions more do, too.  Our human race has slammed on the brakes and is coming to a skidding stop.  But it is still sliding.  There is still time to let off and straighten out.

Chris Plante

July 22, 2021