It would seem that beneficial to all would be for the greater balance of wealth and resources to be in the hands of the majority of humanity. The more the majority, which with the balance of wealth would be classified as the “middle class,” has to spend, the greater the velocity of the unit of monetary measure that majority uses. Rather than the remainder of units that are not stuffed into bank accounts by the wealthy “trickling down” to the classes below, the units of wealth are spent multiple times in the course of time and “trickle up” to the small percentage of people who have dredged bays to collect some of the flow as it goes by. The rest, or all those who want to trade their time for money, hold on to what they make as determined by the structure of their lifestyles and spend the rest.

And the wealthy, in this scenario, would be at peace for as long as they relinquish control.

Groovy Guru