iDeas about Thought

Does the thought spawn the idea or does the idea spawn the thought?

This is where we discuss the groovy intangible stuff that comes out of our brains. What inspired that stuff? There is an old Indian proverb that reads "Great Spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked in his moccasins." Tell us where your thoughts came from. Let us walk a mile in your moccasins, so we can understand where you are coming from, and get into your groove.

Every Opportunity

Water finds every crevice, every opening, every opportunity, and flows forward.  When it meets a blockage it gathers and waits, eventually breaking through by persistent […]
Nov 23, 2018 / Add Comment

Like Water

I wanted to let this pain pass through.  I wanted to find a way to let it, without stopping it, to let it just flow […]
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Hyper Awareness

Inside my awareness lies the means to make any possibility come true.   I heard that on a Deepak Chopra meditation session today.  Each morning […]
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From Within

“I let what others do and say and feel pass through me.  I am who I know I am.  I am focused on that.”  The […]
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I Felt

This morning I sat in the silence of the fresh, wet grass, under clouds that had just hours before watered the blades under my […]
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Calm Vibe

Last night’s meditation class had a very calming vibe. I felt that calm, deeply, and as a result, the energy that comes with it. […]
Sep 28, 2018 / Add Comment

I'm On

   This morning I reflected about how life is going right now.  I am positive and have manifested my desires, which are pure and sensible […]
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Demons Always Lose

May 2, 2018  On Monday night during meditation, I was approached in mind by a very rock faced, ugly, part man part monster.  He had […]
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Letter to Fear

November 7, 2017 Fear 1 Old Broken Road Inmymind, CA 92500 Dear Fear, This letter serves as an immediate eviction notice.  You are to leave the residence you have occupied […]
Dec 1, 2017 / Add Comment

Be Still

“There is a sense of calmness that you only get when you still your mind,” he sat and listened and absorbed what was just said.  […]
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Battle for the Personal Soul

Pearl white uniforms and long silver swords glistened in the rays of the light that illuminates my conscious mind sending swift reflections mirroring expert moves […]
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Glide up the Mountain

“Make a path, and travel it with awareness.  In that state your life will be rich and fulfilling.”  With that last bit of insight the […]
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It Stays With You

“It stays with you.”  I had just tried the sauce he had been working on all day.  It’s all I could think to say.  “Right, […]
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Trip into the Subconscious

I walked to the wall of my critical mind, the one that exists between my conscious and subconscious.  Technically known as the Conscious Critical Faculty, […]
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Groovy Guru Connects

I’m on a quest to free my mind enough so that I am connected to the people and things around me when we share the […]
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