iDeas about Thought

Does the thought spawn the idea or does the idea spawn the thought?

This is where we discuss the groovy intangible stuff that comes out of our brains. What inspired that stuff? There is an old Indian proverb that reads "Great Spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked in his moccasins." Tell us where your thoughts came from. Let us walk a mile in your moccasins, so we can understand where you are coming from, and get into your groove.

Trip into the Subconscious

I walked to the wall of my critical mind, the one that exists between my conscious and subconscious.  Technically known as the Conscious Critical Faculty, […]
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Groovy Guru Connects

I’m on a quest to free my mind enough so that I am connected to the people and things around me when we share the […]
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Groovy Guru is in the NOW

I attended my very first meditation class on a cool June night this past week. Here it is, 2017, and to think, this is the […]
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One Liners

A thought never spoken is as a tree falling alone in the forest. “A thought expressed represents a confidence manifested.” – believed to be a Groovy […]
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Share that Thought

Thoughts not shared are not thoughts at all. They are words in the mind. They have not been identified, or commented on. I think it […]
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Feel the World

Our thoughts are inspired by our feelings, which are driven by our thoughts about the environment around us. We process ourselves constantly, turning thoughts into […]
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iDeas About Thought

This is where we discuss the intangible stuff that comes out of our brains. What inspired that stuff? There is an old Indian proverb that […]
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Ideas Occupy Existence

The beautiful thing about being human is being able to turn an intangible idea into something that can occupy space and time for the duration […]
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Actions Produce Thoughts

I have heard it said that thoughts produce actions. But I have found that actions produce thoughts, and thoughts produce niftier ways to accomplish actions. […]
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Moments of Freedom

I think the mind needs to have moments of freedom – freedom from the stresses of life. It needs enough time to realize a thought, […]
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