iDeas about the Future

Thre's plenty of time to think on it

Global warming, the zombie apocalypse, and plain old dull, rehashed, overdone doom and gloom aside, your thoughts about the future, including anything revolving around Star Trek, will do for this topic.  The Star Trek angle always works for us, but that's just because we are Trekkies here at Groovy Guru.  And we are not just old fashioned Tekkies, although we admit Captain Kirk was really groovy. We admire the all the generations that overcame all the stuff we in the present thought was going to happen.  They even did things we didn't know would come up, like kicking the Klingon's butts.  But you can expand from the whole Trekkie thing and hit on other concepts if you like.

Move to Peace

Humanity is not moving towards peace. Not the kind of peace that will change the hearts of men, women, and children. Jealousy brews from the […]
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Changing Reality

When virtual reality headgear becomes the norm the future and the past will splinter into millions, possibly even billions of manufactured realities, each real to […]
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Simple MInds

The future for the idealist will always be tainted by those who have no class, no consideration, and no ability to interact with humanity. They […]
May 12, 2014 / Add Comment

Common Denominator

There is one common denominator among any member of any age group when it comes to the future, and that is hope. The young look […]
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Take Me Back

I think a really cool project would be to have Google Street View as the street was at a time in the past. A “take […]
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The Business of Hope

An entire industry is built on the speculation of what happens to us after we die, and an entire industry thrives on what we think […]
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People are the Future

Projecting how technology will encroach on our livelihoods should be given much thought by anyone concerned with their future. Much of what is done now […]
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The human race has the power, right now, to connect every soul on the planet. With the implementation of just a fraction of deferred gratification, […]
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Virtual Stars

I think there will come a time when graphics and storage capabilities are advanced enough to empower one person or a small team of creatives […]
Mar 15, 2014 / Add Comment

Dreams Shape the Future

Is the concept of future limited to those of developed nations? I heard a disturbing interview on a radio station the other day. The reporter […]
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Exponential Change

I think once humankind in mass realizes they no longer need institutions to finance, educate, or provide housing for individuals on a per deal basis, […]
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