iDeas about Life

what came first, the idea or the life that inspired it?

The cool thing about sharing ideas about life is that no one has had your experiences, so every idea is from a different viewpoint, which makes every comment really super groovy cool. So write, and write a lot, because life is long, so the ideas about it should be too.

I Have a Wish

I have this wish.  I wish to begin a movement.  Across the world.  I see people marching.  They chant and carry donuts, tools, brooms, and […]
Jun 28, 2020 / Add Comment

Terms of Millions

I count my problems in terms of millions, and what that means to me is that if I have a problem, then I'm not the […]
Apr 10, 2020 / Add Comment

Humanity Closed

And what will we decide to make our world, in a month, three, and the years to come?  Will we go back to being with […]
Mar 30, 2020 / Add Comment


There is a consequence to every reaction to every event.  All those consequences need to be in the public conversation.  Ignoring any one of them […]
Mar 27, 2020 / Add Comment

Get In The Ring

I remember Jack the night-guard at the marina I lived in as a boy. It was 1972. I would grab my towel and soap from […]
Dec 28, 2019 / Add Comment


When I was a boy I had a little sailboat parked behind the boat my family lived on.  There were some other kids my age […]
Dec 11, 2019 / Add Comment

We Are Energy

We are each energy. That is what we are. We choose to vibrate love or hate. Focus on vibrating love and that energy breaks down […]
Sep 15, 2019 / Add Comment


”I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes.” It's all that and more. Through meditation, I have learned to stay still and conscious and […]
Jul 29, 2019 / Add Comment

Crops of Confidence

I have a place to go in my mind during meditation, a subconscious world that I have added to for the past year. There is […]
Jun 26, 2019 / Add Comment

We Love You

I've been feeling lonely lately. Detached from the source of happiness. Unloved. I sat to meditate tonight and fell into a time in my life […]
Jun 14, 2019 / Add Comment

A Big Hug

I spent a moment going back in time this morning. I sat in my favorite place by the pool surrounded by a cool breeze and […]
May 22, 2019 / Add Comment

Life Happening

It is a joy living in a world where I truly believe life happens for me. Because it does not matter what other people do, […]
Mar 20, 2019 / Add Comment

Feelings Eraser

I had a life coach last year.  She said the right thing after nearly a year of coaching and I used it to reprogram myself […]
Feb 9, 2019 / Add Comment


To “like” has less meaning now than it ever did.  Liking something used to be done after an emotional attachment was made with that “something.”  […]
Nov 24, 2018 / Add Comment

I'm Healed

I canceled my meditation studio membership yesterday.  I had been going since last June.  Beth is a wonderful healer.  Her guidance in those classes was […]
Nov 17, 2018 / Add Comment