iDeas about Life

what came first, the idea or the life that inspired it?

The cool thing about sharing ideas about life is that no one has had your experiences, so every idea is from a different viewpoint, which makes every comment really super groovy cool. So write, and write a lot, because life is long, so the ideas about it should be too.

The New Groovy

The New Groovy Meditation.  It’s not just your grandmother’s thing anymore.  It’s not hippies surrounded in the smoke of inhaled and exhaled weed crosslegged on a […]
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Swirls of Life

I was in the jacuzzi last night zoning out on the bubbles. The water thrusts in and the bubbles swirl and split into more bubbles […]
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Water in his Head

“I wish she wouldn’t feed the stray cats.  It only attracts more stray cats.  And raccoons.  And other animals.  I just wish she wouldn’t.”  We […]
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Look Beyond. Insure Life.

We don’t buy life insurance for ourselves.  We buy it for those who stay on after us.  I get the response many times from people, […]
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A Communist's Quandary

One night I took a walk downtown.  The streets were buzzing with activity.  Artists had their works out on easels up and down the sidewalk.  Jewelry, […]
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Groovy Guru Get Smart

My take on the episode where the Groovy Guru captures Maxwell Smart and 99, is, well, probably not important to anyone but me.  Groovy Guru […]
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Life's Biggest Lesson

I think the biggest lesson I have learned from life is to make plans for the next thirty years. Without plans, a person just ends […]
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Who I Am

I met a middle aged woman who had, because of a brain injury, forgotten who she was. But she had people around to tell her […]
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Old Indian Wisdom

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life: A fight is going on inside me, he said to the boy. It is a terrible fight […]
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Gave So Much

I had spent the first two years of my adulthood serving a mission for the Mormons. I rode my bike in the blistering Tennessee summers […]
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We humans need just a little bit of hope to reason living another day. There has to be an answer ahead of us, somewhere down […]
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Walk Tall

Life is lived a few breaths at a time. Stop breathing for a while and you will see this is true. Life should be lived […]
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