iDeas about Life

what came first, the idea or the life that inspired it?

The cool thing about sharing ideas about life is that no one has had your experiences, so every idea is from a different viewpoint, which makes every comment really super groovy cool. So write, and write a lot, because life is long, so the ideas about it should be too.

My Construct

Reality has caught up to me.  Life has been a construct, designed by me to serve me.  Reality does not serve me.  Of course it […]
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I'm on Fire

I found a place in my subconscious this morning that has no boundaries, no ending, and is buzzing with unlimited energy.  I sat with […]
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Letting Me be Me

  Let me be me.  The question in meditation this morning was “what is best for me?”  The mantra was “So Hum, “ which in […]
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Love Deeper

I fight harder now.  I repair myself faster now.  A beautiful thing happened when that self-destruct switch was destroyed.  It was that.  I fight […]
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Energy Left Behind

I have been giving a lot of attention to personal energy lately.  Today marks the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Two-thousand-nine-hundred and six souls […]
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Cannons in Reverse

  I went into my subconscious world this morning early.  I sat on the grass and faced the sun as it rose, and just listened […]
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Vibrations of Life

During a guided meditation session early this morning I saw the vibrations of life.  Every living thing sends off a vibration, in the form of […]
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Transferring Love

Groovy Guru Transfers Love from his Mind to his Heart I’ve been spending time in my subconscious mind lately. It is a beautiful place that I […]
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Unwavering Warmth

I sat down on a cool morning, the wind jostling the trees above, the sun filling my face with loving warmth as it had all […]
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Labeled Boxes

4/6/2018  I spent some time in my subconscious farm today.  I found my weaknesses spread around the farm in boxes.  Each box was labeled.  The […]
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Bags of Burdens

Tonight’s meditation was extremely vivid.  I drifted away to a racing yacht far out at sea.  The sun was setting on a bitter cold day, […]
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Withdraw from Withdrawing

We all grow up differently.  We all interpret the way we grow up, during and after, differently.  We all construct and tell our narrative on […]
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Groovy Guru Sheds Some Layers

“Who are you?  Who are you, really?”  The question resonated between the vibrations of the soft music in the darkness of the studio.  Abstract art […]
Dec 4, 2017 / Add Comment

The Tree

10/13/17 Tonight I wandered my subconscious world, now a beautiful place where I tend a farm of attributes, sail with people from my childhood whom I […]
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We Live On

“We are all more connected than we realize.  Sure, we’re gone, but we had a place in your life once, and you in ours.  We […]
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