iDeas about Death

We all hope to have plenty of time to think on it

So do we all end up hanging out on a cloud singing praises to Jesus for eternity?  Or do we reincarnate into bugs, monkeys, or giraffes?  We here at Groovy Guru like to think that the human race is in a constant state of progression. We are all part of a unit that is moving forward.  Everything we do affects the lives of others, and to be a loving race we should always be striving to do good things, so that our fellow humans have positive experiences and move to the next realm with those memories, and do good also, until at some point the human race can evolve into a highly moral, highly intelligent, all powerful and content family.  What do you think?

In A Brief Moment

In a brief moment that only lasted a breath, albeit it was held at the time, I saw my entire life flash before my eyes. […]
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An excerpt from Running From The Taxman, A Great American Road Trip - by Chris Plante. May 7, 2013 Dear Maggie, It was nice to hear back from […]
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