iDeas about Creativity

Isn't the mere fact that we have the idea enough?

Describe something you see that has never existed before.  Write it all out before you make it.  Tell us what it means, what it is supposed to do, and what changes it will produce.  Does it have the capability of causing something to happen that you did not expect?

OODA Therapy

I had a hypnotherapy session last month.  I went to the session with a specific request.  I wanted to sear into my mind the habit […]
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Wild Ideas

When I was ten I lived on a boat in San Pedro, California. That was 1972. There was a guy living on an old, beat […]
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Duke Truesbilt

"It's all about pride of ownership, kid."  Duke Truesbilt reached forward and offered me a joint.  "No thanks, I politely refused, I have a few […]
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Graveyard of Mailboxes

A visit to the Egyptian artifacts exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art got me thinking about what individuals like each of us […]
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What Music Does

I’m in a coffee shop that has wood floors. There is a basement below the shop. The floors squeak and flex a little. A guy […]
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Everyone has Two Boats

“Keep the Duffy.” “I don’t want two boats.” “Everyone has two boats.” “Like who?” “Like, eh, you know…. (long pause). The Dukenhiemers, they have two […]
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Burden of Ownership

Sometimes I write notes to myself to jog some creative juices about a marketing concept or future business plan. This is one of those times. I […]
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Stirring the Pot

When considering what people want, it is safe to default to offering society something that improves life. That in mind, it is safe to offer […]
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Sounds of Humanity

I think it would be cool to have a catalog of every sound a human can make, cause, or hear from the earliest of mankind […]
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Creativity can be Developed

Creativity can be developed. Just like exercising a muscle, the more creativity is applied, the “stronger” it becomes. It becomes easier to use, more durable, […]
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Art Begets Art

Art can be more or less. It can be gobs of paint tossed on a canvas or a thoughtful depiction of a life scape by […]
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Boiling Point

Creativity is best expressed when passion has reached a boiling point. Then the desire to produce something, and the desire to please others, is too […]
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Leslie Bianaford

A character from my next book: Leslie Bianaford came from Paramount, California, a sort of suburb of Los Angeles which used to be a suburb “Rancho” […]
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Heart of the Founder

I think a business is a projection of what is in the entrepreneur’s mind and heart. The projection of the mind is what the public […]
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