I see a lot of snowmen painted on store windows these days. Reindeer too. And I see plenty of billboards and ads wishing everyone “Happy Holidays.” What I don’t see are many nativity scenes, or baby Jesus posters, or “Good Tidings of Great Joy” wishes plastered anywhere at all. I’m wondering where Jesus is. I think removing Jesus from December 25th altogether is a bad idea. I think that and I’m not even Christian. I see the value, though, in a story of good. The story of Jesus, whether one believes it or not, is about a good man who gave up his future to teach his people, then ultimately gave his life for those people. Believe in the resurrection or not, but the story is about giving, and taking that story out of the season is wrong. Focusing on the story frees us from focusing on our needs. The act of giving, when the story is kept in mind, means more, and may, for some, be more significant – as in causing the giver to give more than trinkets. Time, love, encouragement, deeds – these are intangibles that Jesus gave. And that is what Christmas is about. Believe it or not.