“Going with the flow” is a way to get through a bad trip.  Eventually the trip would wear off.  Users of LSD knew that back in the psychedelic sixties.  I suppose practicing going with the flow requires patience.  It is a way to get through a tough time.  Doesn’t have to be drug related.  Just tough.  There a a thousand different ways your day or week or year can be difficult.  Just pick one and go with it. I failed to do that last year in 2020 and had nothing but tension, anxiety, and nightmares every day of the year.  If the assholes who wished that situation on me and who helped to sabotage my family’s business are reading this on my blog, then fuck you.

It was nice to get that out. I’m over that era of my life now.  Those people are still assholes and always will be, and others will find out what I did.  Hopefully sooner.

But I’ll not name names.  (I’ll call them out personally if I see them in public.).

These days I just go with the flow while I prepare myself for something better.  It is all one can do.  Preparation daily, for what, I don’t know yet, but preparation physically, mentally, socially, and intellectually.  I must come out of the cave ready for anything.  Ready, but positive.  Ready, but friendly, likable, industrious.  And committed to adding a higher degree of “flow” to the human race.

Chris Plante

July 19, 2021