“I let what others do and say and feel pass through me.  I am who I know I am.  I am focused on that.”  The man had been a prisoner all his life.  Born into a war-torn country, sold into slavery at an early age.  He had never owned anything, or been loved.  He knew no one intimately.  He had been a tool for those who had owned him all his life,  Yet here he was, not affected.  Truly not affected.  He had known one thing in life.  Something he had heard, early on.  The words came to him in clarity.  He put them into a box in his mind and locked it.  He held the key tight in his subconscious mind.  A key he always held, regardless of what happened to him in the flesh.  There was never a time when outside influences could take it away from him.  He repeated the words silently to himself every day.  “This is me reacting, the situation is just a blank canvas. It has no meaning until I personalize it.”  “Where do you want the story to go?” he would ask himself.  “This is where I find myself right now, that’s all it is.  I accept where I am without judgment, I am relaxed and have an open perspective. This is how I will win the mind game. Centered and at peace I am positioned to create any response I desire. I am not wasting time. I experience being here. Nothing more, nothing less. 

   The mind is where we all can go to find all that we need.  It’s where our comfort, our hope, our solace, and our confidence comes from.  Not from tangible things.  Not from things that can be measured and priced.  Not from brute force or constraint of others.  True freedom comes from within.  True confidence comes from within.  True peace comes from within.  True humanity, the good kind, comes from within. 

Chris Plante

October 8, 2018