Maybe we will, as a society, after all the obvious push toward control and manipulation by the elitists, swing towards a focus on individual freedom.  The focus is not swinging that way now, but far from it.  Why is is we give credence to people who never had to walk in our shoes?  Is a random stranger’s success proof of knowing more about your personal life than you do?

There are principles.  Guiding ones that others have found though trial and heartbreak.  We should all respect those.

I am opposed to the removal of liberties that are a choice, for instance, o be able to work as a freelancer on my own terms.  To choose how much I work and where I do it.

Check your state laws.  If you are in California and used to be an independent contractor, you will know what I am referring to.  If you are not, you may have seen a reduction in the choices of services you used to enjoy.  All these reductions, all these constrictions, were regulated by people who do not have to suffer the consequences of what they put in place.  Maybe one of their kids can’t get music lessons from the studio they used to, but their incomes, their futures, their hopes and dreams have not been crushed.

All any of us can do who have been affected by all this control is to look for the “flow” of society and grab on to it.  Then we can readjust our hopes and dreams and carve out a new path.

Everything is changing all the time. I see that I am not immune to it.  No one is.  There is always someone who wants to grab something for themselves at someone else’s expense. The one freedom we all have is what we choose to think in our minds, what idea we come up with.  The other freedom we all have is what we decide to do about our idea.     

Chris Plante

July 20, 2021