I read today that Ivy League employees at Facebook were directed to feed or delete news items into the trending section that billions of people see each day, affecting the interests of all those people and keeping the real trending news from being discussed in the social public forum that is supposed to be Facebook.  That is so un-groovy.  I wish for a world that is not controlled by self appointed social architects with their fingers on the keyboard twenty-four-seven.   Diverting news is not the way to get a real pulse on what people, in mass, are interested in.  It’s not the way to connect us all, but a way to divide us all.  The human race cannot move forward into prosperity this way.  I see a day when entities like Facebook and the other news agencies that control, manipulate, and condition, are gone.  But it will be a day when most of all we love is gone, too.  A very sad day to start up from.