I think some people, maybe three to five percent of the population,  just really want to see the world fall apart. They want it because it is their opinion that what will come out of it will be good.  Never mind the millions of lives that are ruined in the process.  I know some of these people.  They have dark souls. They are willing to trade those souls for an ideal, one that is un-natural, manipulative, and traitorous to humanity.

You live among them every day.  Listen to them, because you need to get a glimpse of their plans for you.  It’s the only way to prepare yourself and be partially immune.

I think we can all find happiness.  IT has to come from within, and it is not a happiness that can be measured on a social scale.  I don’t think anyone could understand my inner happiness. I think it would only seem like desperate sadness to anyone who gets a peek.  But I come from a different place.  I come from a very, very sad childhood.  It was much more desperate than anything I experience now.  What I am now is the result of what I have done with my life.  What I had as a child was the result of what my parents did to me.  There is a big difference.  I really can’t be sad about who I am now.  I just am that.

We all experience and interpret life at different levels.  No one has it worse, and few have it better.    

Chris Plante

July 21, 2021