Dear God,

I have never come across anyone who has been the recipient of the amount of criticism you have been. And I have never heard of anyone who has been redesigned and spoken for as often as you. I have to assume that you are not even real, so this letter is being sent into the wind. If there ever was a being that was a creator, that was an entity that defines and deserves to be addressed as God, then I would expect that being to have plenty of confidence in itself, so much so that all the words spoken by those who portray themselves as that beings mouthpiece mean nothing, as would this letter.

I could make an attempt to design a variation of you that would care about this letter and pull up my website and read it, then leave an answer that I could either feel at some point in the day or hear a transient on some street corner mumble in a loop. But I’m not going to, you have been worked over too many times.

It’s absolutely amazing how many people can hate and kill each other in your name, for your pleasure. It’s amazing how you save so many and yet let so many starve. It’s amazing how mankind points your finger at so many in the name of love, yet wishes only destruction.

I honestly don’t believe you are any of the definitions that mankind gives you. You are a creation of mankind. Some created you to be a protector, someone they can go to for strength and purpose. That’s a pretty nice position to take. I respect people who do that. There is nothing wrong with thinking there is something greater than our own intellects. Some created you to be a caretaker, to solve all problems, someone to take all their burdens from them. A nice wish, but one that prevents many from becoming self actualized.

Most creations of you are just ones designed to get stacks of money, fast cars, big houses, and pretty women.

I think if there really were a God, it would just tell everyone to take responsibility for themselves and everyone else.

here’s a guy who made up his own Jesus…