A groovy society is one that has grooves, argued by all and accepted by the majority, that each member has the freedom and inherent right to seek to get into. It is not a lawless society, or a free love, free will, free to do whatever society. There are bounds that need to be set so each person can go about in confidence and without fear. Thought and action are contained within a criteria previously arranged. Being groovy is not being a hippie freak. It’s not being irresponsible. It’s not being immoral.

A groovy person who practices the best of humanity, defined as good by both atheist and deity worshipers, is a person worthy of respect from his offspring, his peers, and his elders.

So don’t worry if you don’t look good in tie-dye, or if you walk too funny in flip flops to wear them in public, or if your ride is not a psychedelic converted school bus. You can still count yourself groovy if you live your life in the groove of humanity.