I can only control my happiness.  Nothing else.  The external variables are too high.  How I feel about myself is the only variable that I can decide and act on. Missed opportunities are just that – missed – and perhaps they will not be next time.  But how I feel about myself for having missed them, well, that is only missed if I decide to berate.

Nothing good will happen.  Not when I am focused on the negativity that has past. Look at it, learn from it, and move on, vowing to not make that mistake again.  And I think the biggest mistake is simply being negative.  No one likes that.  Negativity sells headlines and keeps eyes locked on the screen for fifteen-seconds at a time, but only because it is more alluring than a goodie story.  We are not fifteen-second sound bites. Well, I’m not, but then I’m not a twipper influencer (spelling deliberate) placing an impulse in the minds of millions of followers.

I have a world built in my subconscious.  One with a large farm where I grow patience and resilience, among other attributes.  It is tended by a nice lady who suggests, when I take time to visit, new attributes to plant.  I till the soil for miles, rows and rows of them in my mind, then plant each seed, then carry a large hammered brass bucket to a spigot that opens up to love from the heavens and fill that bucket to the brim and water those rows of seeds.

My attendant is always pleased after and with joy she makes me a salad out of the harvest of my newly grown crop.  We talk and I feel the new attribute grow in my soul.

I have done this so many times in a meditative state that I can now do it any time I want.  Wherever I want.  And in any condition I am in.

I have learned to harvest happiness whenever I remember to.  To remember is something humans sometimes have difficulty doing.  That is why we must all meet with each other, talk with one another, share, and write.

Go and do the same.

Chris Plante

July 25, 2021