When everything comes to us in parts, it is difficult to see or to remember to see the whole.  News bites are fifteen seconds, maybe less.  Bites are just that, small parts.  We often fail to take into consideration the whole of the story and to fit that bite we just heard or saw into it.  We usually don’t even have time, because a new bite is hitting us immediately after.

I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine.  He opened my eyes to something that was said by an evil leader of an evil country the United States has had war with.  “That guy has to call America what he called it, his people want to hear that.  So he does it from the pulpit to appease them.”  The bite on the news the day before sounded like a declaration of war from this bearded, cloaked character.  But we have yet to go to war with that country seven years after his threat.  His people wanted to hear it.  Just like Americans wanted to hear the response.  So the politicians gave us what we wanted.    

Just know that what you hear is a “part” of the whole.  Just know that there is always more to the story than you hear.  Just know that there is always much more held back in bites you hear than you will ever be able to find out.

Chris Plante

July 23, 2021