She had a twinge of guilt.  Life was too good for her.  She had come further than she ever thought she could. She felt more freedom than she ever had.  The future was bright.  She decided it was because of her efforts.  And it was. She had worked very hard and put in the time.  She was owed, she thought, loyalty because of all that time.  She could ask for more now.  Lots more.

She asked.  She asked with a sense of superiority, one that was not recognized.  She had miscalculated.  But it was too late to turn back.  She pressed.

She felt better after she lost everything.  That guilt was satisfied.  “Everyone should feel the same,” she said to herself.  Everyone was doing so well.  She spun around on her heels and confirmed that thought.  She spun around again and her life was unsure.  She began to look back from where she came.  It was a familiar place, that place of misery and anxiety that she distantly remembered. Soon it would become a blanket for her, one she could wrap around herself to seal in the cold.

Chris Plante

July 18, 2021