I spent a moment going back in time this morning. I sat in my favorite place by the pool surrounded by a cool breeze and some soft sunshine. I found my younger self, age three, on the floor of the kitchen in the house I lived in with my newly divorced mom. I was peeling labels from the cans in the cupboard. I was alone. I spent a lot of time alone in my childhood. I sat down next to my three-year-old self and picked him up and gave him a hug. I assured him that he was not alone in life. I promised him he would experience love and companionship. I asked him to feel it. He nodded that he did. I know he did because I felt arms wrap around me in that moment and heard a whisper of assurance in my soul. An old whisper. One that I now remember at every junction of my life. Arms that I remember hugging me all through my life. I was never alone.

Chris Plante

Groovy Guru

May 22, 2019